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Can lower density cities join the bike revolution?
Bikes—both electric and regular—are becoming extremely popular in cities across the U.S. and the world. The public and private sectors are working together to get more residents on two-wheels, with innovative programs such as "e-bike libraries" and other lending services allowing people to make that short trip without taking the car out of the garage. This begs the question though: are all cycling environments created equal? Can small and rural municipalities—with more sprawl and less available funding for amenities like dedicated bike lanes—also embrace the bike? Research has shown that e-bikes prove to be a compelling substitute for cars because of their range, speed and comfort, so how do regular vs electric bikes compare in terms of barriers to entry for residents in rural areas? How does existing infrastructure play a role in encouraging ridership?

Joining us for this month's webinar will be Jennifer Dungs, Global Head of Mobility, EIT InnoEnergy; Ashley Finch, Shared Micromobility Coordinator at the Atlanta Department of Transportation; Kassandra McCleery, Research & Education Project Manager at Copenhagenize; and Sandra Phillips, Founder and CEO of movmi, as moderator.


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