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In the Fast Lane: Bus Priority for Better Transit
Bus priority projects aim to optimize transit ridership through improving network design and dedicated infrastructure. However, once the planning is complete and the ribbon has been cut, there are other elements that come into play which can cause delays and interruptions for riders. So what are the factors that lead to a reliable bus service? Join us in a conversation that explores what happens when developing a dedicated bus lane. What are the issues that arise? What innovative solutions are working to improve safety, increase on-time performance, reduce operational costs, and truly serve the entire community?

Joining us for this discussion will be Laurel Paget-Seekins, Leadership in Government Fellow, Open Society Foundations; Joshua Schank, Managing Principal at InfraStrategies LLC; Charles Territo, Chief Growth Officer, Hayden AI, and Anna Zivarts, Program Director, Disability Mobility Initiative, Disability Rights Washington and moderated by Sam Morrissey, Executive Director, Urban Movement Labs.


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