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CoMotion LIVE: E-Mobility with French Savoir-Faire
Join us next Wednesday, October 5th for an exciting informative conversation on EV adoption in France and the U.S. In this episode of CoMotion LIVE you'll hear key French and American stakeholders discuss strategies and policies impacting how e-mobility is taking center stage in their respective countries -- but in somewhat different ways.

With electric vehicle sales in the U.S. hitting all-time highs, lessons may be learned from across the Atlantic Ocean about ways to build out the necessary infrastructure to support the transition to EVs. France is second only to Germany in electric and hyrbid car sales in Europe -- and Paris has adopted an aggressive program of purchasing incentives and tax benefits to push rapid electrification. We'll also look at broader policies in France and in the core Paris Region for accelerating the roll-out of charging stations, whether in municipal, business, public or privately-owned settings. Can the U.S. learn from France, and possibly adapt some policies to fit the American context?

Joining us for this discussion will be Romain Erny, Head of Mobility, Choose Paris Region; Vincent Grena, Head of Europe at Volta Charging; Rebecca Saletta, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Zeti; and Kiran Jain, Chief Legal Officer, Replica as the moderator.


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