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Giving Back To The Grid: The Future of EV Charging is Reciprocal
Join us on Wednesday, October 20th for an exciting episode of CoMotion LIVE! Supported by the Kingdom of the Netherlands, this webinar addresses the next wave of sustainable innovation in the EV world: bi-directional charging and vehicle-to-grid technology.

Vehicle-to-Grid technology is emerging as an important innovation for cities, reshaping the role of our cars as energy storage providers and unlocking economic and resilience gains. V2G technology and bi-directional charging allows EVs to balance local energy needs and return electricity back to the grid from vehicles directly. It also lowers the cost of ownership for EVs, which is a common barrier to entry for consumers.

We are excited to be joined by leaders in the space who will provide key insights into how this technology can be maximized and implemented. During this episode, we’ll also explore examples cropping up in cities worldwide and discuss how the industry plans to spread and scale.


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