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Rethinking Urban Logistics: Strategies for Dense Cities
Join us Wednesday, February 9th for an important discussion on CoMotion LIVE: Rethinking Urban Logistics: Strategies for Dense Cities

Mobility patterns in cities are often dependent on urban density. With new forms of delivery, ride-sharing, micromobility and other innovative trends, how are public authorities responding to a new era of urban logistics? How are they rethinking movement within and around the dense city to encourage innovation while also maintaining reliable logistical processes? Join us for a conversation on strategies for building more efficient, sustainable and responsive cities, with a focus on the Paris Region and Boston.

This conversation will be joined by Thibault Castagne, Co-Founder & CEO, Vianova; Nathalie Granes, Head of Service, Transport Directory, Ile-de-France Region; Vineet Gupta, Director of Planning, Boston Transportation Department; Pierre Launay, Head of Freight and Innovative Mobility Solutions, Transport Directory, Ile-de-France Region; and moderator Stacey Randecker, Co-Host, The Flying Car.


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