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Paving the Way To Vision Zero: How Technology and Safety Must Merge
Since the rise of auto-dependance, we have considered vehicular deaths and injuries as an inevitable side effect brought on by the new technology. However, there has recently been a paradigm shift across the globe that is moving away from the idea that these occurrences are "accidents," but rather something that can be mitigated, if not avoided, in full. Vision Zero is the systematic approach to solving this major issue, so how are cities and innovators working to make this change? What new technology is tackling this long standing problem? What are the major points of debate between relevant stakeholders? Join our panelists to dive into this nuanced and necessary conversation.

Joining us for this discussion will be Dr. Georges Aoude, Co-Founder & CEO, Derq Inc.; Dr. Jessica Schoner, Co-Owner and Data Science Lead, Safe Streets Research and Consulting and Betty Smoot-Madison, Mobility Director, Atlanta Department of Transportation, and moderated by Andrew Smart, AV Safety Principal, at Stantec GenerationAV.


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