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CoMotion LIVE: Effective Partnerships for Safer Shared Mobility
Join us on Wednesday, June 15th for an exciting episode of CoMotion LIVE! Supported by Blue Systems, this webinar will focus on safety initiatives for micromobility usage, and how private mobility operators, technology providers and cities collaborate to make ridership safe in our cities.

As the landscape for micromobility continues to expand and innovate, ridership must follow suit in a safe and effective manner. Infrastructure, street space, leadership and technology are some of the key factors that can contribute to a better landscape. What does this look like in our cities today? What more can be done to ensure safety for beginners? How are stakeholders working with cities to continue reducing this barrier to entry? Focusing on e-scooter program safety and how private mobility operators, technology providers and cities work together to make ridership safe in our cities, this discussion will illuminate the ways that such programs can be better implemented into cities, especially for those hesitant to use these options.

Joining us for next week’s discussion will be Christophe Arnaud, CEO, Blue Systems; Austin Marshburn, Director, City Expansion & Universities, Bird; Craig Kometani-Dittmann, Shared Micromobility Program Manager at the City of San Jose; Alex Nesic, Co-Founder and CBO, Drover AI;, and moderator Melinda Hanson, Co-Founder and Principal, Electric Avenue.


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