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CoMotion LIVE: Mobility in Extreme Weather
Join us on Wednesday, September 7th for an important episode of CoMotion LIVE! Hear from a high-level panel of public officials discussing the challenges of equipping cities with weather and climate resilient transportation systems. Tune in to learn about current and emerging innovations to better handle extreme heat and other adverse weather conditions, ensuring people can travel safely.

Extreme heat and destructive natural disasters are becoming increasingly common. There is no question that these are dangerous and even fatal to many cities and communities around the world. With this as the new reality for mobility systems to operate in, how can we build in more resilience? How can we design for flooding, heat waves, heavy snowstorms, wildfires etc.? With the recent $7.3 billion grant from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, cities and private companies can use these funds to prepare highways, transit systems, bike and port facilities to withstand the rising frequency of natural disasters. Listen in to learn about creative ways cities and private operators are taking preventative measures to reduce the implications of climate change.

Joining us for this discussion will be Carlos Cruz-Casas, Chief Innovation Officer, Department of Transportation & Public Works of Miami-Dade County; Eleni Myrivili, Chief Heat Officer, City of Athens; and Ryan Stevens, Engineering Manager, Street Transportation Department, City of Phoenix; and moderator Jonna Papaefthimiou, Chief Resilience Officer, Portland Bureau of Emergency Management.


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