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CoMotion LIVE: Coordinating Currents: Electrifying Mobility Hubs
Join us on Wednesday, August 3rd for another special episode of CoMotion LIVE! This discussion dives into the hot topic of shared mobility hubs, and how companies and cities are looking to efficiently integrate e-mobility while also addressing broader community needs.

Shared-mobility hubs have created a real buzz in the mobility world, for industry stakeholders and citizens alike. They are intended as centralized nodes for people to access public transit, bike share, car share, or other modalities all in one place. What if this concept of a hub of connectivity was taken one step further with electricity? How can an electrified mobility hub be connected to the power grid to create synergy with more of the community's electricity needs? How can e-mobility become integrated into energy-communities where people can actively participate in the provision, and not just the consumption of electric energy? Ultimately, how can we look to expand the electrified shared-mobility hub to include more services such as housing? Tune in to this episode to see what is being done to create more sustainable, cohesive and connected communities.

Joining us for the discussion will be Sarah Randolph, Assistant General Manager, Blue LA Powered by Blink Mobility; Armand Shahbazian, Electric and Automated Mobility Lead, Seattle Department of Transportation; Pooja Shah, Senior Consultant, Energy Storage and Emerging Technologies Team at DNV; and moderator Prachi Vakharia, Associate Partner, IMPROVED.


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