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CoMotion LIVE: Port to Porch: Bringing Innovations to the Freight Mobility Ecosystem
Join us on Wednesday, July 20th for a new episode of CoMotion LIVE! Supported by HNTB, this webinar is a continuation of the ‘Port to Porch’ series that began at CoMotion MIAMI this past April. This discussion will focus on innovations across the supply chain system: how companies and ports are working to ensure smarter, more reliable and resilient operations for the future.

The shock brought on by the pandemic rippled across the entire global supply chain, exposing the cracks that would have been otherwise invisible. The trucking industry, airports and seaports were all forced to rethink strategies for moving goods quickly and safely. How are companies incorporating new technologies into freight and cargo systems that could withstand future global crises? What are major ports changing about their infrastructure to be more resilient? Hear from key stakeholders in this industry to discover how they are building a more robust freight ecosystem.

Joining us for next week’s discussion will be Jonathan Daniels, Chief Executive & Port Director, Port of Everglades; Jennifer Ivens, CEO and Founder, Canscan Inc.; Jim Mullen, Chief Administrative and Legal Officer, TuSimple; Emir Pineda, Aviation Cargo Infrastructure Development Advisor, Miami-Dade Aviation Department; and Beth Kigel, Vice President and Director of Smart and Connected Solutions, HNTB Corporation as moderator.


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